For individuals who are considering long-term care insurance and how it will work with assisted living communities in the future, there are several questions that may arise. Some individuals may be concerned that long-term care insurance will not cover certain aspects of assisted living while others may be concerned that long-term care insurance will not cover assisted living at all. The following are some points of assisted living communities and what long-term care insurance may cover within those communities.

Skilled Healthcare

Skilled healthcare is one of the main coverage options for individuals with long-term care insurance and who are living in assisted living communities. If you are moving to assisted living care community you will need to check with that community to determine what will be covered under your long-term care insurance and what will be left. In general, for those individuals who purchase the highest amount of daily coverage they will receive the most amount of coverage skilled healthcare while individual to choose a smaller policy for daily coverage will receive a smaller amount of coverage for the skilled healthcare.

Assisted Living

Assisted living and assisted living communities is covered by long-term care insurance to some degree. If for example you purchase a $300 per day long-term care insurance policy that $300 will cover skilled healthcare and assisted living up to the $300 amount. This means that any health care for assisted-living care that is billed outside of the $300 will need to be paid out of another insurance policy or ultimately out-of-pocket.

Meal Plans and Amenities

Meal plans and amenities are part of assisted living communities. You would be hard-pressed to find an assisted living community did not have some sort of policy coverage that included at least two meals a day and amenities such as laundry services, housekeeping and medication management. If your long-term care insurance policy has a daily limit such as the previously mentioned $300 a day limit and the meal plans and amenities can be included in that limit then your long-term care insurance will cover meal plans and amenities. However, if they are built outside of the $300 today or whatever coverage amount you have chosen then you will need to have another insurance pick up the rest of the bill or pay out-of-pocket.

Medication Management

Medication management is a huge concern for many individuals who have long-term care insurance and may need assisted living. Medication management can be something as simple as reminding the residents to take their medication or as major as administering certain medications and treatments. As with any other assisted-living health care option, the amount of medication management that is covered by long-term care insurance is determined greatly upon the type of policy and coverage amount you purchase as part of long-term care insurance.

Overall, individuals who own long-term care insurance policies and are considering assisted-living or may have face assisted-living in the future should contact area assisted-living immunities and compare prices and daily options. This comparison may be done prior to purchasing long-term care insurance to help you better decide what type of coverage policy you will need and what coverage amounts you will need or can be done after long-term care insurance policy has been purchased to determine what insurance will need to pick up, what long-term care insurance will cover and what will need to come out of pocket.