The state of Florida has announced that they are already prepared for the launch of the new Medicaid program that will provide thousands of people with long term care and managed care coverage. For many people in the program, this will be the first time that they’ve ever had the option to choose a healthcare program. Medicaid commonly covers care for disabled, seniors, and those who are on low income circumstances. There are seven health plans that have been selected to provide services through the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long Term Care program.

The program already has a lot of people hopeful about the results that it will be able to provide. Some people who have never been able to fit into a healthcare program before given their health conditions may now be able to get care and assistance in ways that they have needed for quite a long time. For seniors and those who are particularly ill, this would be a great option for them because there are many who don’t have enough money to afford their healthcare or they don’t know how to select the services that would be best for them. Seniors, disabled, and ill individuals who live alone often suffer from this situation the most because they don’t have anyone around to explain care benefits to them or help them to select a healthcare plan, assuming that they can get approved.

The Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Elder Affairs are already planning to have public launch event with community stakeholders, representatives from each health plan, and partners. This even would be ideal to attend for those who are curious in knowing more about the program itself. Several of the partners and choice counselors will be available at informational booths to help provide support for long term care recipients. These individuals will be able to help recipients understand the type of programs that are available, the health plans that are included, and which options may be the best for them in the long run. They will also be able to explain how the program itself works and how certain health plans may be more suitable than others. This can be great for those who are interested in the program but feel that they need more information before they can make an educated decision about which plan may be the ideal choice for them or a loved one.

As with any other national program on this scale, there are risks involved financially for the government. It is not yet certain whether the program will save money for the state or bring in enough profits for insurance companies. However, for those who need the care the most, the program is becoming a source of hope for them, as many people will be able to receive treatment or improve their healthcare after years of medical neglect or an inability to qualify for certain types of health programs.