The AARP has recently announced a website that is dedicated to helping women with long-term care insurance and long-term care needs. This website, starting on August 5, is based on a 40 day pledge to plan for long term care, financial care, and choices made if an end of life choice must be made. This plan should include home, finances, their health, and anything related to long-term care should it be necessary. This is a way for AARP to inform women of the vital concerns related to long-term care, their health, retirement, and with the concerns of assisted living if assisted-living is required. This also helps them cover any legal issues that may come up and can be dealt with prior to an issue actually arising.

Increased Long Term Care Costs for Women

In many states, mainly California, there has been an increase seen in long-term care insurance prices. What is astonishing about this is not the increase itself, but the fact that it is related to women. In many cases a woman who is aged 65 or older, in good health, and with no prior medical conditions can expect to pay almost double and in some cases triple what a man in the same situation would pay. This is a growing concern for women's groups and for assisted-living communities who primarily house women. By properly planning, the increased long-term care options and fees can be dealt with early on.

Baby Boomer Planning

The baby boomer generation is considered to be the most inadequately prepared generation for retirement and long term care issues. The AARP hopes to change this. By informing women and making it a priority for women to plan for long-term care, they hope to educate a larger group of women entering their retirement years. The hope is to catch those who have not prepared or were not able to prepare and help them fix the issue so their retirement and care plan is in place.

Reaching Younger Generations

Reaching younger generations of women is also a goal of the AARP. By reaching their mothers and grandmothers, they hope is the younger generation will take notice. The idea of helping all generations of women to make sure they are cared for properly when necessary is the ultimate idea and goal of the program.

The website will remain up for the duration of the campaign. Though there has been no word on if it will remain a functioning website or program after the 40 days, it does look hopeful. The pledge is as much built on financial planning as emotional and family planning. The board members of the program encourage women to prepare by meeting all legal requirements, medical, and spiritual needs prior to a real issue arising. This is in hopes to cut back on outside stress during a time of need and to make sure that family is aware of the wishes of the patient during a major issue that would require the need to have a family member make a healthy choice.