If you're considering obtaining a certification as a home health aide, certified nursing assistant, EMT, or paramedic in order to provide long-term care for a family member in need then there are certain steps you will need to take. The steps required by the state, national, and local governments. The steps are generalized; however, they do follow most states guidelines and recommendations.


There are certain schools of thought that believe education must be obtained face-to-face for certain certifications for long-term care. For example, if you would like to attend a home health aide certification or a certified nursing assistant certification you may do so online. Remember that if you do obtain education online for these certifications you must meet the state, city, or other local government guidelines. This usually means that you will need to sit for a state exam to ensure that you do understand what you learned and that you are able to implement what you learn properly.

State Exams

Home health aides, certified nursing assistants, EMTs, and paramedics must pass state exams in order to maintain their certification. In order to take the state exams you will need to locate the state exam facility that deals directly or with your certification. Each certification requires a different state exam. Once you have found the state exam that fits your needs, you will then need to schedule a date with the state exam office. On that day, you will need to go in and take the state exam. Remember, that you may find that if you pass the state exam that day however you may not receive your certification for several weeks after that exam. Please be prepared for this time and understand the periods that you are looking at depending on your state and the exam you are taking.

The overall cost of obtaining a certification in home health, certified nursing assistant, EMT, and paramedic varies greatly depending on the type of certification you are getting. A home health aide or certified nursing assistant can expect to pay between $500 and $1200 if they are paying out-of-pocket for their certification. If you are obtaining a certification as a work-study program or on-the-job training program from a nursing home or assisted living facility and then you will have no out-of-pocket expense other than the expense required to get to and from the location. An EMT or paramedic can expect to pay upwards of $3000 for the training depending on the program may select and where the program is held. Remember, the and EMT or paramedic is not a simple certification. An EMT or paramedic requires an Associate’s degree or a career diploma degree in order to obtain the certification itself. The quickest form certification are home health and certified nursing assistant due to the fact they last anywhere from two weeks to six months. EMT and paramedic certifications can take up to two years.