Long term care insurance covers most long term care needs. In fact, it is considered a staple insurance program for many individuals entering into retirement or already in the retirement years. However, you may find that you do not have enough insurance coverage or your family member does not have enough insurance coverage. This may lead to several questions about what is covered and how to gain coverage if your family member is living in a retirement community or if they are living in a nursing community such as an assisted living or long term care facility. If you are concerned about what type of care is covered and what would be covered under certain long term care issues, there are a few questions you need to ask the retirement community your family member or your are currently staying in.


This question basically opens the door for what your retirement community, assisted living community, or long term care facility actually considers to be part of long-term care. The reason for this question is due to the fact that long term care insurance is based on what is considered to be long term care and the cost of that care per day. In order to determine what your long term care insurance would cover vs what your major medical would need to cover and what coverage you need for long-term care you'll need a solid answer to this question.

Billing and Charging Methods

The next question to ask is what type of billing your retirement community offers. For example, this question can be vital if you are in charge or your family members in charge of sending in the form some cells. They would need to know what forms need to go for the long term care coverage in order for their coverage to take effect and what she wants me to go to the major medical coverage. Either way, you will need to know if you have the forms, they handle forms, or if the forms are automatically generated. You also need to know what to expect as far as who goes where. This means what bills go to what company. This can be bottle is a billing if she were to arise.

Accepted Insurance

Every retirement community, assisted living community, and long term care facility accepts a different kind of insurance. You'll need to know what kind of insurance or what type of long term care insurance is accepted by your particular retirement community or your loved ones with community. You'll need to know what they accept, what they do not accept, and any sort of God lines that you need to know in order to make sure that all the billing is accurate and the long term care that has been taken out on an insurance plan actually covers what you needed to cover.

These are just three of the most vital questions. There are hundreds of questions you can ask in order to determine what type of long term care insurance is needed, what coverage amount is needed, and whether or not you need to consider another retirement community. The retirement community administrators will be the ones to help you with this and you can take that information directly to your insurance provider in return the best plan that they offer.