If you're considering applying for affordable healthcare through ObamaCare, also known as the Marketplace, then there are a few things you should know. This is especially true if you are considering long-term care insurance or if you have a long-term health care concerns or end-of-life care concerns. There are a few things that have not been mentioned in the ObamaCare debate and a few things that have been mentioned you need to know as they pertain to your particular application.


Affordable healthcare through the Marketplace does not have coverage for long-term care. Though many people may believe that the lack of coverage for long-term care is specifically for long-term care itself such as assisted-living or long-term care facility treatment, the truth is it covers much more than that. There is currently no coverage for gap insurance, prescription drug plans, end-of-life care, or coverage for illnesses that do require long-term care. This means, that if you needed prescription coverage for your long-term care needs, gap insurance for long-term care needs or you need long-term care insurance as a whole you will not be able to receive that for the Marketplace.

What This Lack of Coverage Means for You

This lack of coverage can mean several things for you depending on your particular medical needs or your current medical benefits. For example, if you currently have long-term care insurance then you may not need to worry about this issue for the foreseeable future. However, if you do not have long-term care insurance or if your plan is directly connected with your current insurance and that insurance will change if you are eligible for affordable healthcare to the Marketplace then you will need to know what to do. In these cases, you will need to get separate insurance for these issues and that insurance is not available through the Marketplace.

Where to Get Insurance Not Available through the Marketplace

If you will be needing long-term care coverage, as previously stated, that insurance is not available through the Marketplace or through affordable healthcare. You will still need to go to a private insurance sales associate or representative in order to receive this type of insurance. When you do go to receive long-term care insurance or to apply for long-term care insurance, it may or may not be affected by the affordable healthcare the choose. In order to determine if you'll have any issues with upcoming affordable healthcare options through the Marketplace, you will need to contact and discuss your current status with an insurance representative.

Even though the Marketplace is currently up and running as of October 2013, there are still many questions that it looked and left unanswered. These questions have led many individuals to not go through the application for affordable healthcare for two lead affordable healthcare loan until the questions are answered. The best option for many individuals is to discuss the affordable healthcare options that are available for the Marketplace with a long-term care insurance specialist to determine what plans will work with their long-term care insurance and what to expect in the upcoming year.