The rumors have run through senior living, retirement planning and financial news that long term care insurance is going to cost more. The fact of the matter is that it is not the long term care insurance itself that will see a huge price increase. The huge price increase will be seen by those using their insurance and entering into long term care communities and care options. The concern comes to those individuals who are buying long term care insurance and who are concerned that no matter how much coverage they buy, they will still be left with out of pocket expenses and coverage gaps. The question remains, how do you avoid price increases with long term care insurance and long term care as a whole?

Retirement Planning

You cannot simply purchase long term care insurance and hope or believe that will cover all of your long term care expenses. Unfortunately, some people do exactly that. The purpose of long term care insurance is to help pay the expenses of long term care, not necessarily to cover them completely. In order to prepare properly for the increasing costs of long term care, you will need to plan for retirement properly. This means having medical insurance plans in place combined with financial plans in place to ensure that medical, savings and long term care insurance work together when the time is necessary.

Understand your Policy Limits

There is a common misconception that long term care insurance covers the need for long term care as long as the individual requires the care. This is a complete misconception. When you purchase a long term care insurance policy, you will need to educate yourself on the limits of the policy. Most policies will have a limit to how long the policy lasts. For example, your policy may be for $200 worth of care per day, but the policy may only cover 3 years of care. Make sure that you know these limitations and account for them in either retirement funds planning or medical insurance planning.

Purchasing Inclusive Medical Plans

Some people may look at medical insurance coverage that includes long term care insurance, but they may move on from this insurance due to the high cost. The truth is, checking on the overall cost as compared to stand alone plans may be worth the time to combat high and raising long term care costs. For example, a stand alone long term care insurance may have a limit of $200 a day for 3 years, while a plan that is part of a medical insurance package may have longer and higher limits.


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