Another important aspect that is worth considering in terms of long term care is whether or not you are going to be able to handle the insurance gaps that are likely to eventually occur. This is something that is fairly typical for any type of insurance coverage, though it can be particularly difficult when you are dealing with long term care that you truly need to have on a regular and consistent basis. Here are some tips of how you can plan and handle those insurance gaps that commonly occur during long term care coverage.

Don’t underestimate the power of using some of the independent services that are available for seniors in your area. Whether you are dealing with a volunteer in-home care service or a form of hospice, these are services that can truly be helpful to you when you do not have a lot of money to spend on your healthcare and when your long term care insurance is forcing you to face a gap in your coverage. Just because these are independent options and non-profit often times, it doesn’t mean that they provide lesser quality care than some of the professional paid services that you would usually have covered by your insurance policy.

Be honest with your doctor about what’s happening with your insurance plan. Gaps are normal and many times, your doctor will be willing to help you out with some of the problems that can arise when there is an insurance gap. They might wait to bill you until your insurance coverage starts up again in the near future or they may have alternative options that can cost far cheaper than the original options that you were planning on using. If you’re honest with your doctor about what you can and cannot afford, it can help you to make a plan of options that you can use during an insurance gap period. Always have a back up plan. Just as you have created a long term care plan for use with insurance, you should have a long term care plan for use for those times when you don’t have insurance. One requires a stricter budget than the other, but they are both manageable and easy to achieve. If you need more insight into more affordable options, you can talk with a social worker or a doctor for some insight and contact information for programs and options that may be more affordable for you based on your income and your current savings.


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