Applying for long-term care insurance is a fairly straightforward task. The following is a list of basic steps that an individual would have to go through in order to apply for long-term care insurance and eventually obtain long-term care insurance. These steps can be performed online, and are commonly performed online, or may be performed through an insurance company such as State Farm or other insurance provider. The following list does however assume that you are applying through an online method.

Getting an Initial Quote

Getting an initial quote is the first step in applying for long-term care insurance. During this process you will be asked some basic questions such as your name, address, age and some health questions including any prior medical conditions. The answers to these questions will be used to determine an initial quote for long-term care insurance. It should be noted that this initial quote is not a final quote and is not a set in stone price. This is just a starting point for you and for the insurance provider to determine what a starting point is for your monthly premiums for the long-term care insurance.

Contact with a Long-Term Care Insurance Representative

The second step in the application process for long-term care insurance is to either contact or be contacted by a long-term care insurance representative. During this contact you will be asked several more questions and possibly more in-depth questions regarding previous medical conditions. These questions are asked to determine if the initial quote you received is a quote that can be worked with or if it is a quote will be built upon depending on your medical history and your needs for long-term care. You will also be given the choices of the three major types of long-term care insurance and the different policy types depending on the type of long-term care insurance you are looking for. At this time you will be able to compare the long-term care insurance plans offered by the insurance provider and decide if you would like to purchase the insurance. You may also repeat the initial quote step and be contacted by other long-term care insurance representatives from other companies to compare other companies’ prices and services.

Approval and Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance

The final step of the long-term care insurance application process is to be approved and purchase long-term care insurance plan. So long as you meet the qualifications and requirements set aside by the long-term care insurance provider, you will be able to purchase the long-term care insurance plan. You will need to pay a monthly premium plus a possible prorated premium depending on the amount of money you are paying for the long-term care insurance. You will be told exactly how much you will need to pay monthly for your monthly premium and may be able to lock into a price that will not increase as time regresses. You will also be informed of any special notifications regarding the policy you chose and when your policy will begin. Once you have made the first payment your long-term care insurance will start on the date specified by your long-term care insurance provider.


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