There are several types of long-term care insurance and several forms of long-term care insurance plans, the basic concepts of what long-term care insurance covers are fairly straightforward. If you are considering purchasing a long-term care insurance plan and are unsure of the coverage or coverage options available for the long-term insurance care plan, here are a few of the procedures and skilled nursing tasks that are covered under long-term care insurance.

Nursing Home and Home Health

Long-term care insurance will generally cover at least one year of home health care coverage or nursing home coverage. This coverage includes any type of home healthcare that may be necessary for long-term illnesses or nursing home and assisted living care that may be necessary. This does not mean it is limited to skilled nursing care. In some cases long-term care insurance will cover a live-in home health provider that provides not only long-term care including assistance in daily living and prescription management, but also housekeeping, meal planning and other basic necessary services.

Alzheimer's and Memory Care

One of the most common forms of long-term care insurance coverage is Alzheimer's and memory loss care. Alzheimer's and memory loss care are considered long-term care that requires skilled nursing as well as assisted living with daily needs. Long-term care insurance will not only cover the nursing care required and the skilled care required for the Alzheimer's patient or individual receiving memory loss care, but also any other type of care. Other types of care may include meal preparation, housekeeping if it is an in-home service, medicine and prescription management as well as transportation and is assisted-living services.

Long-Term Care Living Expenses

Assisted or long-term assisted-living care assistance the long-term insurance policy may cover a small amount or a larger portion of daily living expenses. These daily living expenses can include meal preparation, meal planning, financial assistance, assisted-living services, housekeeping services and other services that may be part of long-term care in a community facility or long-term home healthcare.

Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous services may cover different aspects of certain illnesses. Whereas an individual who is receiving long-term care for cancer may need certain services, someone who is receiving long-term care assistance for HIV, AIDS or Alzheimer's may be getting a totally different type of service. Miscellaneous services are the services that are covered by special add-ons to long-term care, special long-term care or other long-term care policies that are available through long-term care insurance providers.


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