Despite popular misconception, there are some qualifications and requirements for individuals to receive long-term care insurance. Long-term care insurance is slightly different from something like term life insurance where you can purchase the insurance plan of your choice without medical requirements or examinations. The following is a list of qualifications requirements for long-term care insurance.

Daily Living Requirements

At the time the individual purchases a long-term care insurance plan or is considered for qualification of long-term care insurance plan, they must be able to fulfill activities of daily living. This means that the individual should be in generally good health or have the ability to take care of themselves in activities such as bathing, eating, walking and dressing. In other words the individual should not already be in need of assisted living or live in an assisted living facility.

Mental Daily Activities

Daily activities and the ability to perform them are not limited to activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and walking. An individual must also be able to meet the daily requirements and qualifications that come with mental daily activities. These include the ability to perform basic financial needs such as keeping up with the checkbook or shopping. They may also be able to maintain housework, remember to take their medications and be able to provide their transportation. If an individual is living in an independent senior living facility or senior community and is not receiving assisted living benefits and is utilizing the transportation or the meal services provided by the independent living community they may still be eligible for long-term care insurance. Independently mobile individuals who are being considered for long-term care insurance should be able to be independently mobile. This means that the individual should be able to move and function without any type of walker, wheelchair or mechanical device assistance. Oxygen machines and dialysis machines are also considered within the independent mobility classification and qualification for long-term care insurance.

Medical Conditions

An individual who is being considered for long-term care insurance should not have certain medical conditions. These medical conditions include Alzheimer's, memory care issues, HIV, certain cancers, Parkinson's disease or certain types of diabetes. In essence in order to qualify for long-term care insurance individual should be in reasonably good health, not need the assistance of a daily living or assisted-living provider and be able to be independently mobile as well as mentally and psychologically independent.


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