If you are searching for a unique way to retire and you don’t want to deal with the traditional options of living in a retirement home or retirement community, you may want to consider some of the opportunities that cruise ship retirements can offer you. Retiring on a cruise ship can be a great experience because you have the opportunity to tour and experience the entire world without ever really having to leave your ‘home’ – gone are the days of having to pay for airfare or even having to find a place that would provide you with suitable hotel accommodations. There are numerous options for those who are interested in retiring on a cruise ship; you can try out owning your own cruise ship condo or even participate in a vacation ownership program. Some people are able to incorporate their frequent flyer miles into the experience of a neverending retirement cruise. It all depends on what you’re interested in and what you feel would best suit your needs.

Individuals who use their frequent flyer miles to go on retirement cruises have a few points to keep in mind. Essentially, you would have to book one cruise after another in order to keep it in an ongoing status, which would be around $5000 per month. However, this would provide you with free meals, laundry service, and even some forms of housekeeping, so you would never have to cook or clean ever again. You would have the opportunity to enjoy whatever areas that your ship came to port in.

People who retire on cruises have slightly different experiences. If you want to be able to continually afford everything, you can incorporate some form of freelance work into your experience; if you have a camera and a laptop, you could easily become a travel writer and showcase all of the beautiful locations that you spend time in while living on the cruise, if not promoting the company itself. Some studies have suggested that living and retiring on a cruise ship is around $2000 cheaper than what you would pay typically if you were going into an assisted living home or a retirement facility. Additionally, you have access to spas, night clubs, gyms, gift shops, and all types of amenities. Essentially, you receive the same amount of amenities that you would have if you were living in a retirement community, if not a wider range and more enjoyable range of options.

If you retire on a luxury cruise ship, there are a lot more options to consider. Your condo would feature a larger stateroom and have kitchenettes and probably a more luxurious décor. There are many different types of condos to choose from, such as studios or even penthouses styled suites. Additionally, you spend around three to five days in each of the ports that you visit, so you would always be experiencing a new part of the world every week.


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