There are certain terms that you will hear in long-term care insurance. These terms may be slightly confusing or may be confused with other terms and other insurance policies. One of these terms is the home care elimination waiver. This particular waiver can be very confusing for individuals who are not used to waiver time periods. The following is a quick overview of what this waiver means, what home care elimination means, and what an elimination time period means in relation to long-term care insurance and your choice for a long-term care insurance plan or provider.

What Is an Elimination Time Period?

An elimination time period refers to the amount of time or length of time between an illness and receiving the benefits. You may understand this better as it is referred to in other instances. For example, some insurance providers refer to this is a waiting period or a qualifying period. In essence, this is the time frame it takes from the time you were diagnosed until the time you start receiving benefits.

What Is an Example of an Elimination Time Period?

A good example of the elimination time period would be disability insurance. For example, you may apply for disability in August of 2010. You may face a denial of the disability application which would be to t an appeal. This appeal would lead to a court date and ultimately to an approval or denial of the application. If your application is approved in September of 2012, but is retrograde back to August of 2010 when you first applied. The time frame between September 2012 and when you receive your first disability check, which would include the retrograde payment, is considered to be the elimination time.

What type of elimination period should you get?

Ideally, you will want the shortest amount of time possible. Most insurance companies will get up to a 90 day, or longer in some cases, time frame. For long-term care insurance you would want the shortest amount of time between the time you were diagnosed with the illness to the time you receive benefit. There are some long-term care insurance providers that have no elimination time frame. This means that if you have a policy with no elimination time frame, the your policy will kick in as soon as it is confirmed that you have been diagnosed. This confirmation can done by fax from the doctor’s office or by some form of diagnosis paperwork required by the insurance provider. This is something that usually a doctor’s office can handle with no problem and can send the data you were diagnosed. Once the insurance provider has received this paperwork then the benefit automatically kicks in within, usually, 24 hours.

If you're uncertain about aspects of your long-term care insurance that concern elimination time frames, then please contact us immediately. We will be happy to explain the time frames that we offer, the elimination portion, what to do during the elimination time period, and if you need to be worried about the elimination time period for particular illnesses. We will also be happy to work with you in order to obtain the right timeframe for your needs.


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