One of the most expensive aspects of long-term-care is the nursing costs. This is true whether you are located in a retirement home, assisted living facility, long-term care facility, or if you are taking part at home based health care. Some long-term-care insurance will help cover the vast majority of your expenses when it comes to nursing care, there are some skilled nursing options that may not be covered. There are certain things that you can do to avoid these long-term nursing care costs.

Certified Family Member

A family member who is certified as a nursing assistant, home health aide, medical assistant, or other medical assistance including EMT can help cut costs tremendously. A certified family member who can offer assistance and is a live in care provider can lower costs by as much as 65 to 75%. This is an option that can be used regardless of the level of care required. If a certified family member is used to fill the nursing slot of a home healthcare option, they must meet the state requirements and certain legal requirements as well.

Church Volunteers

Some churches have programs in place to help with home healthcare nursing costs. These are generally made up of church volunteers who have background in nursing, paramedic, EMT, nursing assistant, and home health aide certifications. The church volunteers will work with you to make sure that you have the care that you need during the day for either a very low cost or for free. Most churches do provide this service for free to elderly who meet certain income standards. There are other options as well including church volunteers to will support the family or offer their services in cases of severe illness or child could long-term-care illnesses.

Community Outreach Programs

There are certain community outreach programs that will offer long-term-care nursing assistant duties, home health care, and various other options. For example, if you do have a long-term health care need but your nursing needs are very basic then you may be able to take part in certain community outreach programs where a care provider is giving rather than a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. These outreach programs are generally advertised through community centers, senior centers, churches, government organizations, and flyers.

These are just three options you have, these are very valuable options when you need them. Remember, the long-term-care insurance is the most valuable resource that you can have to prepare for long-term care needs. However, some long-term-care policies may not cover exactly what you need or coverage may increase during your time with the policy. In these cases, cutting back expenses anywhere you cannot will greatly lengthen the amount of the long-term-care will cover. Remember, that you should budget your long-term-care policy along with the other options that you have in order to receive a full inclusive coverage plan of for your long-term-care needs.


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