When you're considering long-term care insurance, you may be wondering what exactly falls under long-term care needs. The first thing to remember is that long-term care insurance generally covers long-term care on a daily basis. For example, if you obtain a long-term care insurance plan that covers $150 a day, then that will cover $150 of your daily long-term care needs. Though this seems straightforward, there are some issues with this particular type of insurance. For example, certain aspects may not be covered under long-term care. The following are if you of the care options that do fall under long-term care.

Home health care

Home health care services are generally covered under long-term care insurance needs. The trick is to understand what home health care services are covered. For example, your skilled nursing care, nursing assistant, and physical therapy are all covered under long-term care insurance. Housekeeping and other duties will not be covered. However, there are certain circumstances where these can be combined and technically be covered.

Under certain long-term care insurance coverage plans and under certain particular needs personal care can be covered under long-term care insurance. This is generally for individuals were bedridden, who have certain disabilities, or who have certain illnesses. Cancer patients for example may be able to obtain long-term care insurance coverage that covers personal care options and homemaker options.

Adult day care services

Adult day care services are covered under long-term care insurance. There is a wide definition of what covers adult day care services. Generally adult day care services are services where a family member can take a family member to is suffering from long-term care illness to an adult residential day care facility. At this facility they will stay during normal business hours and possibly a little later so that the family member can work while care is being administered to their ailing family member. This is an option for those individuals who do not want or cannot get home health care services for whatever reason.


Assisted living is also covered under long-term care. In fact assisted-living is the most common form of long-term care service covered by LTC insurance. The question still remains though many people as to what is covered under assisted-living care. Generally what is covered is your daily lodging, food, and generalized care. There are certain care options that may not be covered under long-term care depending on the illness.

Nursing home care

Nursing homes are cover the same as assisted-living or long-term care facilities. Nursing homes can be residential or can be full communities or apartment complexes. Nursing homes generally offer a second level of care that is not offer the assisted living or retirement settings. This type of care is usually covered in full under certain long-term care insurance plans.

You may have noticed that prescription drug coverage, medical supplies, and medical needs may not have been listed under what is covered under long-term care insurance. That is because, in general prescription needs and other needs may not be considered part of long-term care or maybe part of a per-existing condition that is not considered part of your long-term care insurance. For a full list of your coverage options for your particular issue you will need to discuss your medical history an issue with an insurance provider to determine what your long-term care insurance can cover and what it will not cover.


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